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Monday, January 3, 2011

Incredible profits by banks in 2010!

Incredible profits by commercial banks in 2010, probably explain the reasons for the booming stock market at the same period. In addition, profit from increasing trade credit in the second half of the year increased with the world economy recovering from the recession. Most banks marked a rise in profit, ranging between 50.0% - 90.0%! 

Source: The Daily Star, 2 January 2010

Here are the news links:
1. The Daily Star
2. The Financial Express


  1. Are they realized profits!? Do they really show economic strength of the economy? Or do they hide some looming crises that are still to unfold?

  2. Yes, they realized profits! Yet I doubt that their huge profits show the strength of the economy. I agree with your third view that a looming crisis is still to come through financial mis-management.