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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jeffrey Sachs: A New Macroeconomic Strategy

One really doesn't need so much complicated paper to express core policy messages. Definitely, someone like Jeffrey Sachs's stature,  it would be even easier. And he wrote a wonderful article while giving a new, relevant and realistic macroeconomic strategy, which may be applicable across economies. Probably, his policy suggestions are more appropriate for the developed world, however some of them are closely related with economies like Bangladesh too. Lots of issues are here to think/rethink. People who claim themselves macroeconomist, or want to be good macroeconomist in future may spend 15-20 minutes for reading this, and get enriched.

Link for the article.  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bangladesh Development Update, WB (October 2014)

World Bank releases its flagship publication (Bangladesh Development Update, October 2014 edition) with recent economic developments, structural reforms and an update on readymade garment industries.

Link for the report.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

WB Report on Export Opportunity

South Asia Economic Focus (Fall 2014), World Bank provides depth analysis on growth potentials of South Asian nations and its link with export opportunities in these economies.

Link for the report.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Forbes interviewed on BD's Stock Markets

Forbes interviewed Shahidul Islam, CEO of VIPB Asset Management Company, on the Bangladesh's stock markets, its potential and recent upturn of stock market indicators. While talking on the equity market issues, Islam also points out a few basic problems and potential of the Bangladesh economy.

Link for the interview.

It seems, time has come up again to talk about stock market volatility issues. Definitely, the way the market has been moving during the last couple of months is quite surprising. It's true that a new government came to the power which may stabilize the concerns of the long-term investors. Foreign investment in Dhaka stock market soared in recent months like anything. For example, in September 2014, overseas investors bought stocks worth Tk.5.9 billion, and sold worth Tk.1.6 billion, showing a 403% rise in net investment compared to the same period last years. This trend reflects the current buying mood of investors. 

HOW LONG? Retail investors would probably need to be more concerned about the selling mood than the buying mood of big investors. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bangladesh-India Trade: NTM & NTB

Asjadul Kibria writes in the Hindu on India's non-tariff measures and non-tariff barriers towards Bangladesh's exports into it while comparing the same aspect from Chinese point of view and concludes that more accommodation is required from India's side to allow Bangladesh's exports. This is a must read one if one wants to know the basic facts on trade gaps between Bangladesh and India.

Link for the article.

IMF ECF Mission Statement

The Statement of IMF Mission for 5th Review under the Extended Credit Facility with Bangladesh hailed Bangladesh's progress in macroeconomic stability. Key points are as follows:
  • Despite a moderation in exports, foreign exchange reserves have continued to increase and have reached adequate levels, inflation has declined, the fiscal deficit is contained and public debt is on a downward path;
  • With a calmer political environment economic activity and strong domestic demand, real GDP growth is expected at about 6.25% in FY2015;
  • However, the introduction of a new VAT, a key government reform to boost fiscal space for development spending, is facing delays.