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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Monetary Policy Statement (January-June 2012)

Bangladesh Bank unveils its much-expected half-yearly Monetary Policy Statement (MPS) for the period of January-June 2012. The MPS hints to pursue a restrained monetary growth path to check inflation and external sector pressures (import growth, as I understand). Some of the important focuses of MPS are:

1. Contain reserve money growth to 12.2%, broad money (M2) growth to 17.0% and private sector credit growth to 16.0%.
2. Ensure positive real interest rates.
3. Curb non-essential imports.
4. Stabilize external reserves.
5. Maintain an equilibrium exchange rate.

Here is the link for the official one.


  1. your BB link does not work. its a problem of BB

    1. Thanks for notifying. You are right. I tried to make it correct, but couldn't. :(...anyway, please visit the website of Bangladesh Bank, it's on the front page.