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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New consumption pattern in HIES 2010

Sajjadur Rahman from the Daily Star summarizes the changes in consumption patter during 2005-2010, revealed in HIES 2010.

One interesting finding: The growth in household's average monthly expenditure (increased by 83.0% to Tk11,200 in 2010) has surpassed that of the average monthly income (increased by 59.0% to Tk11,480 in 2010). How does this explain? Mr. Mustafa Mujeri, Director General of BIDS explains that the quantity and the price of food items has increased during this period, so thus the expenditure. Anything else? What about easy access to finance, or any good expectation for the future? What will be the implications of that for household savings (or, national savings)? 

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