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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Forbes interviewed on BD's Stock Markets

Forbes interviewed Shahidul Islam, CEO of VIPB Asset Management Company, on the Bangladesh's stock markets, its potential and recent upturn of stock market indicators. While talking on the equity market issues, Islam also points out a few basic problems and potential of the Bangladesh economy.

Link for the interview.

It seems, time has come up again to talk about stock market volatility issues. Definitely, the way the market has been moving during the last couple of months is quite surprising. It's true that a new government came to the power which may stabilize the concerns of the long-term investors. Foreign investment in Dhaka stock market soared in recent months like anything. For example, in September 2014, overseas investors bought stocks worth Tk.5.9 billion, and sold worth Tk.1.6 billion, showing a 403% rise in net investment compared to the same period last years. This trend reflects the current buying mood of investors. 

HOW LONG? Retail investors would probably need to be more concerned about the selling mood than the buying mood of big investors. 


  1. Then what will be the strategy of retail investors ?

  2. There is no straight and short answer. But it would be better to follow the basics of a company profile and then invest in it. Also, retail investors should follow the long-term strategy rather than looking for short term gains. Hope, it is clear now.