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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Possible shock on economy

Professor M A Taslim again writes an excellent article on the balance between balance of payments (BoP) position and fiscal deficit of Bangladesh published in BDNEWS24 Opinion. Through both theoretical and empirical analysis, he identifies a few problems of the economy, is going to experience in a short future (twin deficit: a BoP deficit and a fiscal deficit) and possible impact of those (such as impact on interest rate structure, and thus investment; public debt ) on the overall macroeconomy. Finally he points out the future challenges of the Bangladesh Bank (or, the Governor), i.e., how it deals the concern of the fiscal authority (Ministry of Finance) and businessmen on the one hand, and the IMF and a few market oriented economists of the country on the other. Very nice one to read.

Here is the link.     

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