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Friday, November 18, 2011

Farashuddin Committee, the Saviour (?)

The Ministry of Finance formed a five-member body namely 'Capital Market Advisory Council (CMAC)' with former Bangladesh Bank Governor Dr. Mohammad Farashuddin as its convener to save the country's capital market.

The other four members of the council are: (ii) former SEC chairman Faruk Ahmed Siddiqi; (iii) Supreme Court lawyer Anisul Haq; (iv) An army officer in the rank of Major-General; and (v) Joint Secretary of Banking and Finance Division of the Ministry of Finance.

Here is the news link.

I do understand the appointment of no. (ii) and (v) persons, but why they need to have no. (iii) and (iv)? Are they experts of capital market,  or do they represent any group that are closely related with the interest of capital market, or will they act like some sort of shield in future? Interesting choices!!!

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