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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Asian Development Outlook 2012

Asian Development Bank (ADB) publishes its biannual flagship publication Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2012 edition with a focus on confronting rising inequality in Asia.

The link of ADO 2012.

ADO 2012 includes a chapter on the Bangladesh economy focusing on the prevailing macroeconomic imbalances due to strained balance of payments coming from high commodity prices, increased oil imports for power generation and weakened exports; rising subsidy costs, mainly for fuel which are intensifying fiscal pressures and domestic borrowing and inflation in coming years.

The link of Bangladesh chapter in ADO 2012.

Summary of the Bangladesh chapter:
1.  GDP growth is projected at 6.2% in FY2012, against the government's projection of 7.0%;
2. Annual average inflation will edge up to 11.0%;
3. The external currency account is projected to move to a deficit of 0.5%;
4. Exports are projected to grow by 12.0%, mainly reflecting weak demand for garments from eurozone and US;
5. Imports are forecast to grow by 17.0%;
6. Remittances are expected to grow by 10.0%

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